Board Management Software

The virtual boardroom technology is commonly referred to as a board portal and represents a website or app specially designed for boards of directors. It is aimed at facilitating the collaboration between the company and directors as it allows simplifying the board management to a great extent. That’s because managing boards of directors can be a difficult task that requires much time and effort. Luckily, with board portals, every aspect of running the board can be simplified. This technology has been developed with consideration to the needs of directors and other board members. The process of record keeping, management of files and board collaboration becomes a lot easier with the use of secure and user-friendly corporate meeting management software. That is why this innovation continues to be in high demand among all types of businesses.

Major Features of Board Software

With the innovative and comprehensive board management software, it is possible to improve the meeting attendance, enhance the collaboration between the board members and always know where all important documents are stored. Here is a complete list of all features that are peculiar to board meeting software:

  • Using a calendar and creating schedules. This feature allows viewing the details about the approaching and previously held events that are stored in a single place. It allows adding important events to the calendar and notifying people whenever these events are added to the calendar. It is also possible to discuss the events and create agendas for the future board of directors meeting. All data can be edited or archived after the event has been held;
  • Keeping files and folders organized. This option allows organizing essential board documents by creating an unlimited number of folders to keep the data properly structured. You can also set permissions as for who can access data about the paperless board meetings. Uploading files and changing their order is also easy;
  • Managing tasks. This feature helps the board members to divide duties and assign certain types of work to other participants. In this way, secure board portal solutions allow organizing the workflow and setting the due dates as well as choosing those people who will execute certain tasks. It is also easy to get reminders with the help of stream link software. This will let you know when certain tasks need to be completed;
  • Holding discussions. Starting conversations and keeping discussions focused on the topic has become a lot easier with meeting management software. Now you can post proposals, suggest some ideas and make sure that every board member knows all about the upcoming events;
  • Getting to know other members of the board. Board papers software helps to gain access to a full list of board members in your company and get to know each of them by viewing their profiles and contacting them directly.

All these features make paperless board meeting software an essential part of the business process. Just because the roles and duties of board members may vary, it is very important to know how to run the board appropriately. This is where the board of directors portal software appears to be especially useful. This technology is devoted to helping board members execute their responsibilities in the best possible way. At the same time, collaboration is another integral part of the board of directors’ work and boardroom software makes it easier to stay involved in the business process no matter where you are at the moment. In this way, board meeting management software has many undisputable benefits that make it an inseparable part of board governance.

Security of Data in Focus

The board’s daily work is not just important but often confidential and sensitive. In this regard, board portal software helps to streamline the process of data sharing in many respects. It is also meant to protect data and maintain data security at all costs. Board portal comparison demonstrates that such software solutions are all aimed at giving the organizations a chance to control the security of their data at all levels by regulating the access to files and using different safety tools. All board portal providers are committed to the provision of secure portals for storing sensitive and important documents and keeping them under complete protection at all times. It can be assumed that the modern-day board of directors software provides multi-layer protection in order to keep sensitive board information completely safe. Besides, various leading providers also offer advanced protection measures aimed at detecting and protecting against intentional or unintentional data leakage or malware attacks. This makes every paperless board meeting solution a great tool for keeping all data safe and well-protected. Now you can be sure that none of the sensitive data will be leaked to any undesirable third parties. Instead, you can take full control over the user activity and security of data.