Features Small Overview

Sterling is a time-tested vendor that provides its clients with a convenient, safe and easy-to-use cloud-based platform for sharing and storing sensitive documents and important transactions. Despite the process may sound simple, you will need something more than an ordinary technology to make it possible. Therefore, being one of the best data room providers, Sterling offers 24/7 support to all the users. No matter if you need a midnight report or a huge index update, let the company look after you.  

People-oriented, highly-secure and innovative VDR solution is trusted by a considerable number of dealmakers, businesses, and companies, who need to make the right decisions on every transaction and deal. One of the main benefits of Sterling data room management is the provision of features that guarantee the maximal level of data protection and confidence. The software allows hosts and partners to access and review data without extra software or another plug-in. Additionally, it is one of the fastest and most user-friendly ways to accelerate the performance of due diligence.

The reporting capabilities of Sterling deal room enable users to check the activity of partners and track all the materials they are working on. Besides, the host can grant or restrict access permissions for different users on various levels. Watermarking, Adobe Lifecycle, Microsoft Information Rights Management and similar programs are used to guarantee the maximal level of data protection.

Advantages of Sterling Digital Data Room

Apart from undeniable functionality and simplicity of use, Sterling provides its clients with a multitude of other specifications that simplify collaboration and guarantee flawless transactions:

  • Powerful permissions allow users of the deal room to grant, control and restrict access to specific clients.
  • Tagging features give an opportunity to add labels and tags to the documents so that no one can use them for individual purposes.
  • Dynamic watermarks. This is another safety technique that prevents documents from being copied.
  • Highly secure software. Safety of sensitive information is one of the primary concerns of the best data rooms. Sterling utilizes an up-to-date encryption method that guarantees the maximal level of data protection.
  • No plug-ins. There is no need to download and install any third-party plugins or other programs to access the necessary documents.
  • The professional and dedicated support team is the strong connection between the provider and users. The team works 24/7, which allows you to get assistance with any problem or complications.
  • Real-time reporting. The intelligence reporting feature of Sterling VDR is highly appreciated by users as they can monitor all the activities within the deal room in real-time.
  • Unique search capabilities. Multilingual and full-text search options can significantly simplify your work and help you find the necessary document.

Key Features and Peculiarities of Sterling Virtual Data Room Software

Apart from standard specifications, Sterling offers its customers a set of beneficial options that can reduce your stress and increase productivity. Following virtual data room reviews, users appreciate not only high functionality of the platform but also its ultimate security. Other extras of Sterling deal room include:

  • Encryption;
  • Data security;
  • Q&A tool;
  • No plug-ins;
  • Real-time intelligence reporting;
  • Service delivery;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Exclusive tagging feature;
  • Watermarking, etc.