Digify Provider’s Overview

The Digify virtual data room is one of four products offered by Digify. The other products include digital rights management software which works together with the VDR to ensure document security.

The Digify enterprise has won many awards, and its products are used by over 270,000 companies across 138 countries.

Main features of the Digify VDRs

Digify VDRs offer tools that fall into the following categories:


  • access permissions: these features allow admins to decide who can view, edit, download and print what documents
  • watermarkings: this allows admins to add watermarks to documents
  • one-click NDAs: admins can request users to electronically sign an NDA as a condition for viewing certain documents
  • print and download restriction: these features ensure greater document safety
  • file expiration: this tool makes it possible for the admin to decide that a document’s access permission will expire, or that the document will self-destruct after a certain time or number of views

Tracking and Analytics

  • statistics: admins can see what users are interacting with which documents in the deal room, which makes it possible for them to dedicate their time to investors according to the investors’ level of interest in the deal
  • notifications: admins can choose to be notified when certain users access specific documents


  • VDR customization: this tool allows the admin to customize his VDR with the colours and logo of his company

Integration with Other Software

  • Digify VDRs integrate with software such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Gmail, and Outlook

Main functions of the Digify VDRs

Organizations use Digify VDRs to keep trade secrets secure as well as to conduct many different kinds of corporate processes that entail sharing confidential information. These processes include:

  • due diligence for M&A
  • secure distribution and tracking of training materials
  • fundraising for startups as well as medium and large enterprises
  • sales enablement
  • investor relations

Pros and cons of using the Digify VDRs

Digify VDRs offer the usual advantages of any virtual data room, which include less time spent in sharing documents, paperless processes, and greater control over confidential data. But it also offers a specific benefit that not all VDRs have: the Digify team can customize certain software features to accommodate the client’s needs.

Some clients do report negative points to the Digify virtual data room, such as:

  • options for customizing watermarks are limited
  • it’s not possible to categorize users by group
  • there are no granular permissions at document level
  • the index does not auto-update

However, Digify is constantly improving their software, so these issues may soon disappear. Meanwhile, user reviews also report many positive points about the Digify VDR, amongst which:

  • security is good
  • the data room is intuitive and user-friendly
  • customer support is responsive and efficient
  • the software is cheaper than others, while offering quality services.