Overview Of DataSite Provider

The Datasite Diligence virtual data room is one of the Datasite services for M&A due diligence. These services are provided by what used to be Merrill Corporation, which rebranded to Datasite in 2020. 

Datasite has decades of experience in the VDR market, which reflects in the quality of the software they offer. Datasite Diligence is a secure, reliable and user-friendly VDR option, used by industries across 170 countries worldwide. It ranks sixth on the Finances Online ranking of virtual data room providers.

What are the main Datasite Diligence features?

Datasite Diligence features include:

  • email upload: this tool allows the admin to upload files to the data room directly from their email
  • drag and drop: with this feature, the admin can upload files by dragging and dropping from their computer. This includes bulk uploading.
  • permissions management: the admin can use this tool to grant and revoke access to individual users as well as groups, deciding on what documents they can view, edit, download, and print
  • redaction: this feature allows the admin to erase sensitive data from documents. For larger projects, the admin can use AI redaction, which automatically detects and redacts specific pieces of information based on the admin’s presets.
  • multilingual search: using this tool, the admin can search documents in 14 languages 
  • Q&A: admins can automate the questions and answers process by creating workflows, groups, and teams 
  • analytics: this feature allows admins to monitor deal progress by checking users’ activity
  • content categorization: with this tool the admin can preview and organize documents stored in the data room

What functions does the Datasite Diligence VDR perform?

Datasite Diligence is used by hundreds of organizations across various sectors of business and industry, including:

  • corporate development
  • investment banking
  • private equity
  • law
  • energy and power
  • finance
  • healthcare
  • technology
  • real estate

Organizations use Datasite Diligence to conduct due diligence and store and share information during corporate processes such as:

  • restructuring
  • fundraising
  • buying
  • selling
  • initial public offering (IPO)

What are the advantages of the Datasite Diligence VDR?

Datasite Diligence provides its users the customary benefits of virtual data rooms: 

  • paperless processes
  • enhanced security
  • speedier interactions
  • easier organization

Besides these general advantages, Datasite clients report they are very happy with the company’s customer support. They also report the software is easy to use, and declare they are satisfied with the level of security it provides.