Types Of Drooms Data Rooms

Drooms is a virtual data room provider that offers three kinds of data rooms: 

  • Drooms Transaction, for due diligence in real estate transactions
  • Drooms Portfolio, for real estate asset management 
  • Drooms Enterprise, for sharing confidential company documents among co-working teams 

Drooms has 20 years’ experience in the market, and serves over 15,000 customers worldwide.

Quick overview of Drooms VDRs

Drooms VDRs include all staple data room features. But they also offer tools that not every VDR provider offers, such as some AI features and VDR integration with proprietary enterprise software.

Droom clients can also request related services such as:

  • project management
  • document structuring
  • secure digitisation

Besides, the Drooms Portfolio+ service offers physical storage of documents should the client needs it to meet legal requirements.

Main Drooms VDR features

The staple data room features of Drooms VDRs include:

  • bulk upload
  • Q&A setup
  • advanced permissions
  • two-factor authentication

Besides the above, this software also provides tools such as:

  • search and highlight: users can quickly find and annotate important information inside the documents 
  • Excel viewer: admins can easily open and view reports and analytics as Excel spreadsheets
  • data room customizing: admins can customize their VDRs with their brand’s colours and logo
  • IP filtering: admins can restrict access to confidential information by only granting access permission to devices with specific IPs
  • detailed reporting of user activity in the VDR: admins can closely follow the processes happening on the data room, and plan their next actions accordingly
  • archiving options: companies can keep their data safe after the data-sharing processes are concluded

Drooms’ AI features are the following:

  • document translation: AI translates documents uploaded in foreign languages, allowing users to understand what information they contain
  • automatic indexing: the software recognizes and classifies files and folders according to the project they belong to, saving the admin the trouble to do so manually
  • auto-naming: following the admin’s presets, the software suggests pertinent names for the new files uploaded

Drooms Portfolio also includes a search and filter function that allows admins to flag transaction-ready documents.

What Drooms VDRs are used for

Organizations across all sectors use Drooms to streamline corporate processes such as:

  • real estate due diligence
  • real estate portfolio management
  • storage, sharing and management of confidential data
  • non-performing loan transactions

Advantages of using Drooms VDRs

Besides the general benefits of VDRs versus physical data rooms, Drooms software also integrates with the clients’ enterprise software, and can be used in large-scale projects as well as small ones.

Drooms clients report that document upload is fast, the software is secure and user-friendly, and customer support is quick, responsive and efficient.