Software For The Smooth Workflow

The DealRoom virtual data room is one of five DealRoom products designed for lifecycle management. Though it’s been in the market only since 2012, this VDR is used by over 2,000 organizations worldwide, and has won a few awards.

If besides the virtual data room the client uses another DealRoom service — their softwares for pipeline management, due diligence, post-merger integration or M&A project management — the VDR will integrate with it and ensure a smooth workflow.

What features do DealRoom VDRs offer?

DealRoom VDRs include all the basic features expected from a VDR, the most important being:

  • drag and drop bulk upload: this makes it easy to upload large quantities of documents from different sources onto the data room
  • auto-indexing: uploaded files are automatically inserted in the correct index, which makes it easier to find them later
  • granular permissions: these include view-only access and restricted document view, so the admin can decide how each individual user can interact with the information
  • multi-factor authentication: this ensures only authorized users can access the data room
  • watermarks: these allow admins to discourage users from sharing documents without authorization
  • built-in Excel and document viewer: this allows users to view files without leaving the platform
  • full text search: this feature makes it quicker for users to find relevant passages in documents 
  • monitor, reporting and analytics: these tools allow admins to follow user activity, which both increases security and helps admins decide what parties are more interested in the deal

What are the functions of a DealRoom VDR?

DealRoom VDRs are used to facilitate hundreds of corporate processes such as:

  • sharing confidential documents within a team
  • conducting due diligence and integration planning
  • sharing sensitive data with outside partners during business acquisitions
  • managing transactions

Organizations from many sectors use DealRoom, including companies that work with:

  • private equity and venture capital 
  • investment banking
  • legal processes
  • real estate
  • energy, oil & gas
  • finance

What advantages are there in using DealRoom VDRs?

Organizations that use the DealRoom virtual data room are able to:

  • store information securely
  • access, organize and view documents on desktop or mobiles
  • control document sharing so confidential information is kept private
  • streamline any processes that require sharing data 

Besides these general advantages of using a DealRoom VDR, clients also benefit from the fact that the data room integrates with other software — such as Slack, Google apps, SalesForce, and Microsoft Teams.

DealRoom clients report that:

  • the virtual data room is intuitive and easy to use
  • customer service is responsive and efficient
  • it’s possible to customize the VDR with new functionalities 
  • page load and document download speed are faster than in other VDRs.